23rd November 2017

UKGC Urges Casino Operators To Review Their Unfair Terms

united kingdom gambling commission ukgcThe United Kingdom Gambling Commission is a strict protector of the rights of casino players. This is especially true today, as the UKGC has announced a new strategy for the upcoming years last week. It focuses predominantly on customer rights, empowerment and fair terms at online casinos. As a result, they already urge casino operators to review their terms and conditions as soon as possible.

The Gambling Commission will start working according to the new strategy in the New Year. That’s when they’re really taking action against unfair gambling, which is too slow to change, according to the officials. The companies have gotten more and more attention ever since the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) uncovered some serious breaches of the consumer protection law. Never before was the tone of speech so strict, though.


UKGC & CMA Demand Urgent Action

competition and markets authorityCMA and Gambling Commission have been busy looking into casino gambling terms at various sites over the course of this summer. They have uncovered possible breaches of the consumer protection law on a massive scale back then. This was especially true about the various sign-up offers, casino promotions and other bonuses. Casino operators have been warned about this and had plenty of time to reassess their business strategies.

It seems that this time has passed, as official entities are turning their attention to unfair terms again. As a result, casinos acting outside of their licences will have to take immediate action before 2018. Only the companies that agree to act in the best interest of their customers instead of just their own can hold official gambling service provider licences.

If some of such sites are proclaimed as unfair and uncooperative, they might as well lose the right to operate. Shady terms have always been an issue in the industry. That’s the reason why sites like Casino Butler exist in the first place, offering unbiased and practical casino reviews. So, it’s up to each player to stay aware and careful until the Gambling Commission forces the necessary changes.


The Issue Of Misleading And Unfair Terms

unfair casino terms conditions fine printThe Gambling Commission is mainly concerned about promotions and bonuses falsely presented as free without providing straight-forward and easily accessible terms. However, that’s just one of many more issues that the casino operators might have to address very soon. Here are some more problematic issues that every online casino player should be aware of.

First of all, the withdrawal terms. Some casinos put restrictions in place that make the player’s balance and winnings not withdrawable, especially with bonuses in play. Speaking of which, some casinos seem not to make a clear distinction between the player deposit and the bonus balance. This impacts the player’s decisions and makes them forfeit their bonuses or otherwise limit their possibilities without knowing about it.

Promotion terms that could seriously impact the users should often be stated more clearly, visibly and in a timely fashion. This includes maximum bet sizes, wagering requirements and time-frames. As a result, various ‘free’ bonuses turn out not to be so. Casinos aren’t always willing to keep their end of the bargain up, either, even when a customer meets the requirements.

The Competition and Markets Authority will publish their findings as soon as they conclude the enforcement activity. So, we’ve yet to see how successful this campaign is. However, they will surely do everything to deal with the terms that are one-sided and unfair. As for now, we urge customers to read the fine print and make sure they know what they’re getting themselves into on each occasion they accept a promotional or a bonus offer.