22nd November 2017

Guide To The Types Of Promotions You’ll Find At Online And Mobile Casinos

Casino Bonus On top of offering an attractive roster of casino games, the main way that online and mobile casinos attract new players to their sites is by offering generous bonuses and promotions. Promotions are an opportunity for casinos to give a little extra to players, but have the bonus for them that it encourages player to visit and stay at their sites. So, promotions can be mutually beneficial, but what kinds of promotions are there on offer, which are the most popular and how do you claim them? All is explained in this CasinoButler’s quick guide to online and mobile casino promotion types below!


Deposit Free Bonuses

Deposit Free BonusIf a casino offers a deposit free welcome bonus, this is the very first promotion you’ll be able to cash in on when you sign up at a new site. Strictly speaking, this isn’t a specific type of bonus in its own right, but merely the way you’re awarded a bonus. Deposit free bonuses usually come in the form of extra spins (which we’ll explain below) or free bonus cash, but more out-there casinos will offer things like a spin on a wheel of fortune to decide your bonus.

Generally speaking, you’ll only receive a deposit free bonus when you’ve joined up to the casino and added credit or debit card details. However, as the name suggests, you don’t need to have made a deposit to receive it.


Deposit Match Bonuses

Deposit Match BonusArguably the most common kind of casino promotion, deposit match bonuses can often be found as part of welcome bonus packages. Deposit match bonuses are bonuses, which will give you bonus cash to play with at a casino as a percentage of the value of a deposit you make at the site. Say there’s a 200% bonus and you deposit £10, meaning you’ll have £30 to play with.

Deposit match bonuses most often have limits to the amount you can claim against your deposit, but in very rare cases they are also unlimited. However, they are subject to some of the strictest wagering requirements (on average around 30x-40x), and there are limits to the amount of winnings you can claim off the back of the bonus cash (usually around 4x).


Extra Spin Bonuses

Casino Free Spins The type of promotion, which gives deposit matches a run for their money in terms of frequency, are extra spins bonuses (formerly known as ‘free spins’). Extra spins are pretty much exactly what they sound like: they’re spins which you claim on (specified) slots at a given casino, which cost nothing in terms of wagers, yet which allow you to keep the winnings as bonus cash.

While many slots have extra spins features within the game as a bonus round, when we’re talking about them as a promotion, they’re often rewarded when you deposit, sign up, or simply visit a casino within a certain time frame. However you manage to claim your extra spins, they’re a great way both to enjoy a little bonus and try out games you don’t know if you want to invest money in!


Cashback/Win Boost Bonuses

Casino Win Boost The reason we’re grouping cashback and win boost bonuses together is that they’re pretty much two sides of the same coin. Cashback bonuses work by returning a set percentage of the amount players have lost at a casino back to them as bonus cash. Say, for instance, you’re £50 down, but you’re awarded a 20% cashback bonus. The casino you’re playing with will give you £10 as bonus cash so that you’re able to spin a little longer and try and make back some of your losses.

Win boost bonuses work in a similar way, but are aimed at players at the other end of the spectrum – those, who have been lucky and making a killing at a casino. In this scenario, say you’re £50 up on when you started and then get an additional 20% win boost. The casino will pop an extra £10 in bonuses into your account to reward you for doing so well.


Slot/Game Tournaments

Slots Tournaments While this is one of the least common forms of casino promotion, slots and game tournaments are, nevertheless, one of the most popular, and there are many players who will spend an awful lot of time tracking them down. The basic principle is that over a certain time-frame, players can play a given game or set of games at a casino and there’s a leader-board tracking the results for each player. Those who end at the top of the leader-board will receive special prizes and unique bonuses.

Ok, so that’s the premise all slots and games tournaments work on, but the specifics differ. There are three main way winners are chosen: they are the players who wagered the most in the time-frame, they are they players who won the most in total over the time-frame of the tournament, or they are they players who had the biggest win as a percentage of their wager in the time-frame.

The most popular are those tournaments, which work on this third principle, as that offers even lower spending players the chance to win over those who can afford to throw thousands at the tournament.


Prize Draws

Casino Prize DrawPrize draws are certainly not unique to online and mobile casinos, but the way they work at these sites is. Generally speaking, prize draws at online and mobile casinos can offer anything from extra spins and bonus cash to games consoles and holidays as prizes, and anything in between.

Usually, casinos will offer you the chance to claim entries into a prize draw based on how much you deposit or wager. Say you deposit or wager £10, which means you’ll get an entry. At the end of the promotional period, the casino will choose entries at random to select the winners. Needless to say, the more entries you have, the better your chances of winning a prize.


That’s it for our quick guide to the main kinds of promotions you’ll find at online and mobile casinos. Have we missed any out? What’s your favourite? If you have any input, we’d love to hear from you. Otherwise, good luck playing and claiming big bonuses!