12th April 2018

The Types Of Games At Online And Mobile Casinos

types of games at online and mobile casinosIf you’re a first-timer at online gambling, casinos may seem daunting at first. There’s so much to learn and so many new games to try! However, although casino games seem very different, there are just a few distinct game types.

Once you know them, navigating the game list at your mobile casino will become so much easier. Having that in mind, we’ll get you through the common game types at online and mobile casinos.


Online And Mobile Slots

Slots are a type of casino games featuring multiple reels with various symbols on them. A player bets on different lines and spins the reels hoping for the correct symbols to land on the wagered lines. If correct combinations land, which usually requires the same symbols formed in adjacent order, the game pays out.stunning hot lemons

Of course, this is just the basic principle that makes a slots for what it is. In practice, slots also feature various special features and bonuses. Some have wild symbols, which can replace any other symbol in a combination. Others have extra spin features which let to spin the reels without placing a bet. The possibilities are endless, just as the designs and themes of various slots.

Slots are the most popular online casino games by far and there’s more than one reason for it. They can be very different from one another and have little in common, for one thing. They’re also very easy to learn and understand, which makes them a perfect introduction to casino gambling. Finally, they can yield very big wins, allowing to cash out hundreds by betting just a few pennies.

Speaking of big wins, some slots have progressive jackpots. These jackpot games are what makes gamblers rich. If you’ve ever heard someone win hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds, it’s because they played progressive jackpot slots. If a game at a casino lobby has a cash amount written by it, it’s definitely a progressive jackpot slot.


Casino Table Games

casino table games rouletteIf you want to feel like a real casino shark, then you’ll have to go for the casino table games. This term includes all the games casinos are known for. Roulette, various card games like blackjack, poker and baccarat belong to this category. Dice games like craps are considered as table games as well.

These types also come in various different versions, although the diversity isn’t as mind-blowing as that of slots. The most popular casino table games – roulette and blackjack – often come with different betting limits. This is made to accommodate various types of players as some like to wager more and others less. Keep that in mind when looking for a game to play. If you’d like, say, a lower minimum bet, chances are you’re not playing the right version of it.

These games also come with different rules. For example, some roulette games don’t allow side bets or play on multiple wheels at the same time. Blackjack may not allow splitting or doesn’t have insurance option. There are many intricacies to learn about the base game as well as playing strategies.

This makes casino table games completely different than slots. While slots are fairly straightforward and easy to pick up, games like blackjack and baccarat aren’t. To be a good blackjack player, you’ve got to know various strategies and track cards, weighing the upcoming possibilities on the way. This doesn’t apply to all the table games, of course. Craps and roulette are more like slots in a sense that it’s all just based on luck.


Live Casino Games With Real Dealers

live casino games live dealerLive casino also known as live dealer games are basically table games, just live. Instead of a software that gives random outcomes, live games broadcast real dealers from the casino operator’s studio. Sometimes, they may be even broadcast directly from a real casino.

You can see how these dealers spin the roulette wheel or deal cards on blackjack and even chat with them. These games come in the same varieties as their regular counterparts too, with the exception of dice games.

Live casino is also where multiplayer games can be found. Many of these dealers will often place stakes or deal cards for many people at once – just like in a real casino. Therefore, they are perfect for those who want real casino action without leaving the comfort of their home.


Other Types Of Games

casino games kenoThe previous game types are what online gamblers play the most. However, it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing else to choose from. Many mobile casinos also have some games simply called ‘other games’ or ‘instant win’ games. Pretty much everything that doesn’t fit into the main categories belongs here.

Such games are usually even simpler than slots. You’d just have to choose your bet size, press a button and see what happens. Some notable mentions could be scratch cards, virtual sports betting (usually horse racing), bingo and keno.

Some people find these games a little too simple for their taste, but they can be fun too. Maybe you’re just too tired to play blackjack or feel like blindly trusting your luck, for example.