If you’re looking for a video slot title that isn’t so widely known, Stunning Hot may just be the thing you’re looking for. Created by the equally underground BeeFee games, Stunning Hot could be classed as one of those slot titles that are quite literal. We’re not talking about an exceptionally good-looking person here but a literal hoard of flames. So yes, hot in the on the most surface level of meaning but does that make the slot a bad one? No, not necessarily. Is it any good? Well, you’ll have to read our full review to get an idea.


Stunning Hot may be a welcome addition to BeeFee’s line-up as many players professed their disappointment after Stunning 27, which many claimed to be lacking in depth. However, for a game released only last year, Stunning Hot’s graphics are a little outdated. Nevertheless, it operates on a 5 by 3 structure reel and evokes that classic slot feel. Play from as little as 5p per spin and win up to 1,000x your wager. The simple gameplay functionality makes it simple to grasp, a crucial component for any players new to video slots who want to test it out.

stunning hot main reel

All the symbols are your typical fruit-machine fair with plumps, cherries, lemons and oranges acting as different symbols. It’s hard to say that we find this enthralling as we’ve seen this many times before but the classic-feel is palpable, so we’ll give it a pass. We’d say this game has an easy variance, meaning it has very little for players to do so they can go onto the bonus round. This may not feel like much of a challenge for some but for many we believe it would be satisfying enough for them to carry on playing. They might not return to the slot again and again though. Despite being an improvement over Stunning 27, it doesn’t leave much of an impact.

stunning hot bonus reel

Bonus Features

This section will be relatively spare of details, sadly, as Stunning Hot is rather lacking in any noteworthy features. It has a ‘wild card’ round in which players can select a red or black card for an increase on your wager. Scatter symbols activate this once players align them properly, each represented by a star. This is a pretty cool feature and offers players chances to increase their wins by a staggering amount. However, there is no extra spins round or any other bonus games for players to engage with so the whole game feels a little hollow.

stunning hot lemons

We wish there was more to talk about here, but there really isn’t. It’s disappointing because, in the modern video slot market, players want more than just baseline gameplay. Sure, a game overstuffed with features might not be appealing either, but you need to give players something to work with otherwise what’s the point? The angle BeeFee might have been going for is the classic slot approach where bonus features take almost no part in gameplay, which is fine. However, it does not feel intentional on their part, so the game overall comes across as a bit of a let-down.


Overall, Stunning Hot isn’t a terrible game, but it could be a whole lot better. It feels unoriginal and basic with little features going for it. At the same time, it’s not unplayable. Players new to mobile slots will find it enjoyable enough. More sophisticated and experienced players, however, would want something with a bit more substance. Again, an improvement over the original Stunning 27 but not much of an improvement. It’s quite disappointing but then again there are worse slots you could spend your time with. Nice try, BeeFee, but please do better next time.

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Game Functions

Mere information

  • Release date 2016
  • Software BeeFee
  • Wheels 1
  • Paylines20
  • Bobile FriendlyYes
  • JackpotsYes
  • 3DNo
  • SoundsYes
  • Extra FeatureYes