Some people play slots to win, others play slots to kill time, then there’s those who use slots to relax and unwind, and it’s a slot targeted at this audience that we’re going to discuss today. NRVNA is a NetEnt slot, which couldn’t use the full name ‘Nirvana’ because Yggdrasil had already used it, but nevertheless channels the same connotations of peace and tranquillity that the word carries.

NRVNA chills you out with a combination of psychedelic visuals teamed with mellowed out mood music. Despite its efforts to relax you, the game still has the potential to get your heart rate racing, thanks to compelling gameplay and unique bonus features.

General Gameplay

So, it’s a trippy slot, but what can you expect to actually find when you log on to play NRVNA at at NetEnt casino? Across the backdrop of psychedelic space, you’ll find the 5 reels and 30 paylines which make up the NRVNA slot. Despite the overall futuristic look of the game, the majority of the symbols on the game are surprisingly classic, including bells, 7s, horseshoes and shamrocks. The highest paying symbols is the cherries, which will pay out 2,000 coins for a 5 symbol combo.

The game is perfect for the average player who is just looking to chill out and unwind, not only because of its mind-bendingly relaxing theme, but also because of the game’s medium variance, and the fact that players are able to wager anywhere between 30p and £150. Sure, it might not be ideal for high rollers looking to make quick bucks with huge wagers, but if you play your cards right and claim the right bonus features, you could pocket up to 3,220 times your initial stake.

NRVNA Slot Wilds

The last base game feature you should really know about is the glowing pink orb. This isn’t just any old glowing pink orb, though; this is the wild symbol for the game, which can substitute for anything other than the scatter symbol. When the wild is part of a winning combination, a 3x multiplier is applied to your winnings! We’ll be honest, you do start to lose it a little when you’re waiting to see glowing pink orbs floating through space.

Bonus Features

While you might start going funny waiting for the pink orb to come floating back into your screen, things get compounded when you have the orange glowing orb (which has crystals attached for some reason) comes into play. The glowing orange orb is the scatter symbol of the game, and is responsible for triggering the slot’s one bonus feature: the free spins.

If you manage to land 3 of the orange scatter symbols, you’ll be in line to receive 10 free spins, land 4, and you’ll receive 15 free spins, and landing 5 will earn you a total of 30 free spins! Not only are the free spins re-triggerable if you land enough scatter symbols again, but after each free spin an extra multiplier wheel will appear from the top of the screen and randomly provide you with a multiplier for your free spins win and up to 2 more extra spins. With a possible up to 10x multiplier, it’s able to win up to 3,220 your initial stake during this extra spins round.

NRVNA Slot Scatters

That’s it in terms of bonus features in NRVNA. You might be a little disappointed by the shortage of bells and whistles in the game, but consider the fact that the whole purpose of this game is to help players chill out and lose themselves in unreality for a little while. It’s actually totally in keeping with this end that NetEnt has kept the game feature light and easy to follow.


NRVNA Slot WinNRVNA is certainly one of NetEnt’s simpler slots, but really, that’s kind of the point! The game has been made with simplicity at its core to bring through the beauty of its design, and allow players to enjoy a more relaxing slot. The gameplay isn’t just easy to follow, but inspires relaxation at every point through your gaming sessions. The best thing is that it’s even all about style over substance; this game still manages to have compelling gameplay, just framed by killer design.

The state of Nirvana is all about being at one with the universe, and although we’re not trying to suggest that all you need is a mobile slot to offer you such inner bliss, we can’t help but feel that this is the slot that’s going to get you closest.

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Mere information

  • Release date 2016
  • Software Netent
  • Wheels 5
  • Paylines30
  • Bobile FriendlyYes
  • JackpotsNo
  • 3Dyes
  • Soundsyes
  • Extra FeatureYes