Castle Builder is like no other slot you’ve ever played before. Not only does it involve spinning the reels, but there’s a whole story unfolding as you play. In this revolutionary slot by Rabcat, you take on a role of (surprise, surprise) a castle builder. You travel across kingdoms building castles and getting rewards in return.

This medieval-themed slot includes unique characters of kings and princesses, royal weddings and dialogues that will make it feel like you’re playing an adventure RPG rather than a slot. The gameplay is completely unique because of that. Is it still as enjoyable for the fans of simpler slots, though?



Despite Rabcat’s innovative approach to this game, simple slot mechanics are at its core. Castle Builder is essentially a 5-reel slot with 15 paylines, although you don’t have to bet on all of them. There’s only one special feature outside of the background and story that’s unfolding in the construction area beside the reels.

castle builder slot symbols

The game has a 96.47% RTP and low variance. There are 10 different symbols in total. This includes card values from ten to king, money bags, treasure chests, materials and wilds. The wild depicts your character, the castle builder, and completes any winning combination, including the materials.

Speaking of materials, there are four different types, but even combinations of different materials count as a win. When you score with material symbols, you get to construct an additional part of your castle. The materials come in different quality, either standard, bronze, silver or gold. The better their quality, the greater the value of your castle becomes.

As you collect materials and construct the castle, it will be shown on the left side of the screen. There are three kingdoms you can visit and 10 castles to build on each of them. However, each castle requires an increasing number of materials. You can always see your progress of the current castle and its value beside it.

castle builder slot gameplay

Bonus Features

When you complete a castle, a princess will move into it and a royal marriage will take place. At this point, you get to choose which suitor she will marry. Don’t ask why a castle builder gets to decide the future of the dynasty, we don’t know that either. What’s important here is that there are three suitors every time, each with different wealth.

Of course, it’s you who gets that dowry and its size depends on your previous bet sizes and the quality of your castle. It’s basically a pick-me bonus and you get to see the exact amount of these bonuses while building. Other than that, there are no additional bonus features.

After you complete a castle, you get to choose another one from the map. While different kingdoms have different architecture, background music and style, the gameplay isn’t much different. As a result, building castles may become repetitive in the long run. Still, if you enjoy the idea, you should enjoy the storyline.

castle builder slot review

On the other hand, if castle building and attending royal marriages doesn’t sound so good, you may feel disappointed. The background storyline is the main focus in Castle Builder, which means the actual spinning is less exciting. You get no extra spins, no multipliers, nothing. Besides, you’ll rarely win much in the base game too.



The best way to win on this game is by picking the right suitor during the wedding. However, you won’t win a fortune at it either way. Keeping up your balance to enjoy the storyline is rather easy, but that’s about it.

So, the bottom line is that you should play this game for fun, not for the wins. If the idea that you’re a royal castle builder appeals to you, playing this slot is a must. It’s easily one of the most intriguing concepts in slot games we’ve seen so far. However, it’s not perfect and could definitely be improved as a slot.

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Game Functions



Mere information

  • Release date 2014
  • Software Rabcat
  • Wheels 5
  • Paylines15
  • Bobile FriendlyYes
  • JackpotsNo
  • 3DNo
  • SoundsYes
  • Extra FeatureYes