7th February 2018

NetEnt Announces Narcos and Vikings Themed Slots

NetEnt Logo There’s nothing we love more than to hear that a developer that we love has announced the upcoming launch of a brand new game. Oh wait, yes there is: when a developer we love announced the launch of two brand new games, both themed around TV shows we absolutely love! Well, that’s the news coming out of NetEnt this week, where the popular developer has not only announced the upcoming launch of a game themed around the Netflix show Narcos, but has also announced it has got the rights to make a game themed around the Vikings TV show.


If you haven’t watched Narcos, then you’ve been seriously missing out. The true story of drug king pin Pablo Escobar and those trying to take him down is played out across three super violent series. No doubt NetEnt took a look at the subject matter – drugs, money, violence and a smattering of sex – and decided that it would make the ideal game. After all, no kids will be playing anyway!

NetEnt NarcosThe announcement that the game was in development came at the ICE conference in London, where NetEnt is exhibiting this week. With the wide range of colourful characters, on top of the compelling plot of the show, there’s clearly a lot to work with in terms of material, and we’ve no doubt that NetEnt will make the best of it. The show was also characterised by a fantastic soundtrack, which used Latin rhythms to really bring the world to life, we’re excited to see how this gets incorporated into the slot.


The Vikings themed slot is a lot less well developed, and will take a lot longer before we’re able to enjoy it. The news this week is quite simply that NetEnt has purchased the copyrights to the show from A+E Networks, which means that it now has the creator’s permission to make the game. There are no signs of what the developer plans to do with the game, or what kind of features we can expect to see from it, but this is NetEnt we’re talking about, so we have high expectations.

Also… Live Beyond Live

Live Beyond Live at Mr GreenIf all this gets you all excited to start enjoying some NetEnt gaming, then we have some great news for you. Not only is the top developer now set to release games themed around two of the most popular TV shows around at the moment, it also announced at the annual ICE conference in London that it would be launching a brand new live gaming experience in collaboration with Mr Green Casino!

The Live Beyond live environment transports you to Mr Green’s penthouse, where you’ll be invited to take part in the many live dealer game opportunities available to you. The environment is open, meaning that as well as your immediate table, you can keep an eye on the action at other tables, and enjoy the luxurious décor.

This whole new live gambling experience is live at Mr Green Casino now, and available on mobile.