Live Casino & Live Casino Gambling

Live casinos have done that amazing thing over the last couple of years of coming apparently out of nowhere, and ending up as a staple of the majority of the serious casinos on the web. The reasons for how that’s happened are almost as easy as the reasons why; the average player’s appetite for increasingly immersive and compelling gaming has gone hand in hand with improved technology which has made it possible to live steam dealers to all kinds of devices around the world, and hold increasingly complex games with players of all nationalities.

On this page, we’re going to explore a number of facets of live dealers. First of all, we’re going define exactly what we mean when we talk about live dealers, before we go on to consider what the appeal of live dealers to online and mobile casino players; next we’ll look at the best live dealer options out there, before finally taking a closer look at the technology which is making the live casino games revolution possible.

What is Live Casino Gambling?

In the most basic definition, a live casino is a casino which has real life dealers (otherwise known as croupiers) dealing cards, spinning roulette reels, or otherwise hosting games. These dealers are doing this in front of video cameras, and the images and sound are beamed onto the internet and around the world.

At the same time as these dealers are doing their thing, players are logging in and placing bets on the games, the outcome of the real life events then govern whether the player is successful. You are now able to play, live casino blackjack, live casino roulette and live casino poker, with other niche games available at some casinos. Of course, each of these games have their own unique peculiarities and the exact way in which the live aspect works differs depending on the game being played.

For instance, live casino roulette is arguably the simplest to make into a live game, with players simply placing their bets on a virtual table, and the dealer spinning the wheel – a computer then registers the outcome of the spin, and awards players accordingly. Live casino roulette tickets can be bought like normal, and the live casino roulette strategy would just be like any other roulette strategy.

Live casino blackjack and live casino poker are, of course, a little more complicated. The thing here is that dealers need to be able to draw cards and have a computer register, sometimes without the dealer themselves seeing the card – this meant that computers capable of reading such cards had to be created, but here we’re getting ahead of ourselves, we’ll discuss this more in the technology section of this page.

Of course, one of the popular online and mobile casino games we’re yet to see make the leap over to love is live casino slots – this is owning in the most part to the question of how exactly you’d convert a slot over to live.

Why Play at a Live Casino?

So, the next obvious question, after we’ve established what exactly live casino are, is to ask why you’d want to play live casino games online? What’s the appeal of live casino blackjack, live casino roulette and live casino poker? Well, as with all things in life, the reasons each individual person does something is going to be entirely individual to them, however, we can have a fair guess at some of the main reasons players choose to sign up to play live casino games.

One big reason is, of course, realism and immersion. With live casino gambling, you’re looking right in the face of a real life human dealer, and the outcome of the draw, roll or spin are being decided as they would in a brick and mortar casino. Some players absolutely love this fact, and the best live casino UK player are those who appreciate the feeling of being at a real casino which live tables give.

Another reason that live casino games online are so popular these days is that some players are also inclined to trust live dealers more. They can literally see the outcome the dealers’ behaviour in front of their two eyes, instead of having to trust a random number generator which they might not even understand the workings of. Of course, anyone who knows how oversight of online and mobile casinos works know that the logic of this reason is flawed, but people will believe what they want to believe.

There’s also the fact that many of the best live casinos UK players have access to offer all kinds of extras and bonuses associated with their live offering to sweeten the deal to prospective players. For instance, you’ll often find live casino no deposit bonus offers, or live casino roulette tickets given away for free or as part of a deposit bonus. Moreover, these bonuses tent to be separate from the main casino offering, meaning that you’ll be able to claim live casino no deposit bonuses on top of other existing bonuses.

The Best Live Casino UK Players Can Enjoy

Now that we’ve covered the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of live casino gambling, we think it’s just about time we cover the where of it: what is the best live casino UK players have access to? Well, you’ll probably be unsurprised to here that we’re going to be a little reluctant here to give you a single definitive answer to that question. Just like everything else, it’s all about personal preference, and the kind of experience you’re looking for at a live casino.

For instance, you might be particularly into one type of game – maybe you’re keen to polish up your live casino roulette strategy – which means that your hunt for live casinos will be led by the live casino games online at any given site. Whether your game is live casino blackjack, live casino poker or live casino roulette, there’s zero doubt that there’ll be one site or another that specialises in it

You might alternatively be a bit of a bonus hunter, and be on the lookout for live casino no deposit bonuses, or live casino roulette tickets as part of special offers. Live casino gambling can be a treasure-trove of bonuses and special offers if you looking in the correct places and play your cards right. Keeping this in mind when hunting out the site that’s right for you is an important move.

As with pretty much anything related to online and mobile casinos, you really can’t go wrong with reading a live casino review or two to get yourself acquainted with what’s on offer at each site. When you’re reading a live casino review, you should pay special attention to the kinds of games which are on offer, to ensure they have what you’re looking for, and gave a decent selection of bonuses which you’ll find valuable. Also be mindful that a live casino review might not mention the live functionality on the face of it, so check regular reviews to see if live dealers are mentioned at any point.

How New Tech Has Facilitated the Live Casino Boom

Whether we’re talking about live casino roulette, or any of the other plethora of live casino games online today, what’s needed to happen over the last couple of years has been an astonishing convergence of existing technology, and the amazing development – at an unprecedented rate – of brand new technologies. From reliable internet connections, to HD streaming, and from virtual casino tables to computers that are capable of registering the outcomes of spins, there’s a load more at work than you might realise.

All live casino games have their own unique quirks and requirements, and eve separate casinos do things slightly differently. This all mans that live casino gambling is somewhere you can see some of the best innovation at play in the online and mobile gambling sphere. Now we’re just holding out for someone to work out exactly how to create live casino slots and we’ll be totally happy!