22nd May 2019

Is Innovation in Online Table Games Still Possible? | 3 New Releases

Evolution Gaming and Microgaming have released three new table and live casino games.

However, new online table games barely attract as much attention as new slots. Most of them are just too similar to one another and don’t have anything new to bring to the table.

As you will see below, some of these three fresh releases are no different either. Just take a look at the titles:

  • European Roulette (by Microgaming)
  • European Blackjack (by Microgaming)
  • Deal or No Deal Live (by Evolution Gaming)

This new Microgaming software isn’t unique. There are literally dozens of online and mobile games called just like that. Not only that, most of them are very alike or almost identical.

This raises a question – is innovation in online table games possible?

Microgaming’s “New Generation” of Table Games

microgaming european blackjack laptop tablet mobile

Microgaming is proud to announce what they call a new generation of online table games. European Roulette was the first on the list, with European Blackjack following and other similar games scheduled for the future.

Despite that, the classic table games are just that – they’re classic in every respect. The graphics are new and the engine is newly developed too. Their partners Switch Studios created it.

From the player’s perspective, however, these titles offer no new gameplay features. The games include most of the classic side bets and options.

The roulette has:

  • 3D roulette view
  • Racetrack for advanced bets
  • Favourite bets feature
  • Statistics Panel

? – Learn how to play roulette

Blackjack comes with:

  • Insurance
  • Double down
  • Split Option

? – Learn how to play blackjack

The problem is that all these options are already available in many other mobile table games. A stylish user interface, simple design, and turbo mode are all great too, but they aren’t new.

So, it seems that this “new generation” of games is only a re-iteration of the old. It’s simply a way to boost the player activity one more time.

Live Casino Is More Innovative

Evolution Gaming is one of the most innovative table game providers today. They only provide live casino software, but it doesn’t just stick to the old classics.

Of course, ‘Deal or No Deal Live’ is not technically a table game. Yet it still belongs to the same category as does Live Blackjack, for example, and uses the same technologies.

It’s the first and only live casino game of this sort. The gameplay is very similar to the way the famous TV show works.

Deal or No Deal Live Rules

evolution gaming deal or no deal live

Essentially, players have to choose a briefcase and guess whether it will be bigger than the Banker’s Offer or not. In other words, they have to choose ‘Deal’ or ‘No Deal’.

Before meeting the live dealer, though, you’ll need to complete two preparation rounds. They will determine the payouts in these briefcases:

  1. Spin a 3-reel bank vault to determine the big prizes (up to 500x)
  2. Add random multipliers to one or more briefcases (up to 50x)

It’s like no other live dealer game at online casinos. While being unique, though, it’s still simple and familiar to most gamblers in the UK.

It proves that original casino games are possible, even if they aren’t classic table games.

Innovation in Casino Table Games

Slot machines are all very different. They cover dozens of themes, gameplay features, bet ranges and volatility. This applies to both mobile software and physical machines at land-based venues.

Just take a look at some examples on Casino Butler: https://www.casinobutler.com/online-slots/

golden grimoire slot played on a laptop outside

Table games are different, though. Real casinos mostly offer classic gameplay there. The main difference among these tables is the rules. Yet they vary only slightly between different versions of the games such as European and American roulette.

Despite that, there is a range of unique and themed table games at web-based gambling sites. They offer gameplay that would sometimes be impossible to pull off in real life such as:

  • Multi-wheel Roulette
  • Double-ball Roulette
  • Bet Behind Live Blackjack
  • 6 in 1 Blackjack

The problem is that there isn’t nearly as much variety among these titles as there is in the slots category. Besides, this proves that not all table games have to be clones of one another.

But why are so many of them so similar, then?

Casino Traditions

For one thing, classic casino games remind the players of casino traditions. People all around the world are familiar with roulette, blackjack, poker and similar games.

Like live dealer software, providing a good number of classic games is what makes an online casino. If there was no such software, some traditional gamblers would doubt if they’re playing at a casino at all.

snapshot of roulette table gameplay at real casino

This doesn’t mean that table game providers can’t create some new variations of the popular titles. They could even create a new category of “exclusive online table games” to separate them from the classics.

Perhaps they don’t do it because mobile slots occupy this role of innovative and varied gambling software. This way, people who want an authentic and classic experience know they’ll find it at one of the virtual tables.

TL;DR – Unique online casino games are totally possible but developers choose to show off their creativity on slots instead.