22nd November 2017

5 Reasons You Should Switch To Mobile Deposits Today

Mobile GamblingThinking of switching your primary payment method? Tired of using e-wallets and want something a bit more stream-lined? Well, if you're teetering on the edge of switching to mobile deposits, then today's your lucky day, because we have the perfect argument as to why you should. Mobile deposits at online casinos are, after all, popular for a reason, so here are the five main reasons you should switch to using mobile deposits today, without further delay.


1. They're Safe

padlockIt's a common misconception that mobile deposits are not, in fact, safe or as secure as other payment methods. Because you don't need a log in or a difficult to remember password, people assume that mobile deposits are lacking completely in any kind of security. How can such a system exist without any kind of encryption? Well, it does exist and mobile deposits are arguably the safest form of payment next to e-wallets like PayPal.

How? Mobile deposits operate on an SMS-payment system, which means that players put money through via a text message. Once you text the amount you want to submit (up to £30 daily) to the right number, then you will receive a one-time code that will confirm your payment. That's all it takes and it's a much more difficult thing to hack so your information is safe.


2. They're Easy

thumb up terminator

Mobile deposits get a bizarre amount of criticism over being too difficult to understand. This couldn't be further from the truth, however, seeing as the SMS-confirmation system is the easiest thing in the world to operate. If you can send a text, you can make a mobile deposit. It could not be simpler. And, again, having to remember complex log in details for another service is definitely more difficult than this, even though they try to make it easy for you.

Making mobile deposits is so easy, in fact, that it's a wonder why there aren't any more players currently using it. That might be because of the drawback of not being able to make a withdrawal, but then again, mobile deposits weren't originally designed for mobile gambling. No more than PayPal was.


3. They're Convenient

mobile commuterConsidering the above, it's little wonder why mobile deposits are considered to be extremely convenient. It's in the name after all: send a text from anywhere to one number and you've literally topped up your casino balance in less than a minute. Other payments might need to have a stable internet connection in order to work and if that fluffs up you could have a bit of a problem on your hands.

Regardless, even if you aren't out and about all the time and trying to make mobile deposits remotely, they're convenient, because of how quick they are and how little effort you need to put in so you can use them. They're also pretty handy when you're in a tight spot financially.


4. They're Accessible


Because of said remoteness, mobile deposits are extremely accessible too. But it's not only this you have to take into account. Mobile deposits can be made without even having a bank account! If you're on a pay-as-you-go tariff, you can simply top up your phone credit then use that to pay. Of course, you'd have to replace it afterwards, but seeing as you're willing to do this, then you've probably got the money too anyway.

What adds to the accessibility is the fact you don't need to sign up to anything or create some sort of account for paying mobile deposits. All you need is your mobile number and that's it — nothing else required!


5. They're The Future

crossroadsFinally, the reason you should switch to using mobile deposits is because they're absolutely the way forward when it comes to financial matters at an online casino. Why wouldn't they be? As we've illustrated above, it's a perfectly streamlined way of making payments. It only makes sense that mobile gambling would adopt such a system, seeing as it only complements the nature of online betting.

Not to knock other payment methods, but switching to mobile deposits makes sense if you're frequently rushed off your feet, need something quick and easy to access or you're frustrated with your current method. Try it out now and see for yourself! You might be pleasantly surprise.