16th December 2017

5 Things People Mistakenly Believe About Mobile Deposits

Myth vs FactMobile deposits have become a common thing among mobile casino players. They are about as normal as credit card payments or video slots. Nobody can honestly say that mobile deposits aren't quick, easy to use and efficient when it comes to paying your money into your casino account in a tight fix.

So why are there still people who believe in these false perceptions about mobile deposits? Stubbornness? Ignorance? Either way, we're going to put some of these false beliefs to rest by dispelling the rumours that have tarnished the reputation of mobile deposits for some time now.

#1 — Mobile deposits aren't safe!

This myth has to be the most widely spread due to a lot of scaremongering. Not only is it completely untrue (mobile deposits are totally safe to use) but it could be argued that mobile deposits are safer than many other forms of payment.

All mobile casinos who are legit are well-encrypted and well-tested by third parties, meaning your depositing service is safe. If, however, you do encounter and issue, it's up to you to contact the right person to have this fixed.

#2 — It's expensive/You have to pay for it!

Utter rubbish! Of course, you have to pay the money you want to deposit into your wagering account, but other than that there are no extra charges when it comes to mobile deposits. The service is completely free to use.

This is such a ludicrous misconception that we are honestly stumped as to how it came about. If any mobile depositing service charges you simply for the privilege of using their services then you're best off without them!

#3 — You have to use a credit/debit card!

credit cards VISAThis is less of a misconception and more of a half-truth. Yes, technically you need a debit card for mobile deposits if you're on a monthly phone contract and subsequently adding your deposit costs onto it. No phone contract with any mobile network, after all, allows you take one on out without one.

However, credit/debit card transactions are not needed for the actual mobile depositing process. You could take the money from your pay-as-you-go tariff, which naturally doesn't even need a bank account to exist.

#4 — They're not secure!

computer thiefMuch like safety, security with mobile deposits is more guaranteed (arguably) than it is with e-wallets, wire bank transfers and other such methods. All the security protocols in place should work universally as it is up to the casino to ensure such measures are enforced.

If not, then you can be sure that it's the casino that is illegitimate rather than the mobile deposits.

# 5 — It's hard to use!

confusionOut of all the other misconceptions, myths and half-truths on this list, the existence of this one baffles us most of all. How can mobile deposits be confusing when they were designed not to be? They are the easiest thing in the world. All you have to do is send a couple of texts, verify an amount of money and, hey presto, you're done!

Anyone with a phone can make mobile deposits. Seriously, they are not that hard to use. No complicated passwords or usernames to remember. Just a good old-fashioned confirmation code that you can use once and only once for each transaction.